Monday, August 20, 2007

Who am I anyway?

I've been browsing around, reading comments on the ABFH's latest entry, particularly bullet's comments, and the "hating autism" blog (which I'm not even sure is serious). I was going to write the following in seriousness...but hey, why bother?

Reform Normal is a joke. Her supposed aspie boyfriend is self-diagnosed, and failed to get a professional diagnosis when he sought one, with the doctor from whom he sought the diagnosis saying he seemed nothing like his Asperger patients. Sure, he reports some symptoms from childhood, but he seems to have grown up to be functionally a normal nerd, more or less, capable of driving and making friends and hugging and just about anything anyone normal can do. He's not on the spectrum. He's just a victim of the popular self-diagnostic fads, and a normal nerd just like Reform Normal.

Reform Normal is also a narcissist. She likes to have her intelligence and "free thinking" validated. That's why she started her blog. But she is not, and never was, a free thinker, except maybe during her neurotic childhood when she told people about her imaginary worlds. She is just jumping onto an obscure and inspiring bandwagon because she herself wants to be obscure and inspirational. Her thoughts are probably thoughts that thousands of people had before.

Reform Normal's whole blog is just a classic case of neurotypical narcissistic regression. She lacks theory of other minds, insight, and independence. She is not sane or sentient.

Don't listen to a word she says. If you do listen to her, you probably just like her because she agrees with you. But that's the deceptive charm of the neurotypical at play. Like any classic neurotypical, she's just sucking up to people and lying to herself to get social validation. Neurotypicals are not even capable of forming true opinions, because their cognition is always tainted by their excessive need for interpersonal validation. They're like lemmings, following each other off cliffs all the time.

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